Killymuck Poultry

                            Killymuck Poultry

 We produce, rear and breed the following Pure-breds and hybrids from Day old chicks - point of lay pullets. These birds are of great quality, they can be used for breeding, egg laying or just as family pets

 The following birds are of a high standard and are correct to their particular breed standard and colour.

-Hybrid pullets include - Blackrocks, Brown leghorn hybrid, Sussex Ponte, Speckledy marans & white leghorn hybrids. 

Also can supply poultry equipment (feeders and drinkers etc) on order and can supply poultry housing too.

Now taking orders for hybrid point of lay pullets for July 2014.

   Call Allan on 07500200938 or email me at or if your just needing some advice on keeping poultry etc, I will be free to answer any questions!






















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